Troubleyn | Jan Fabre


Among other things, Jan Fabre is known for his works made of beetles, which he sees as symbols both of life’s beauty and its transience. He began exploring the world of insects over thirty years ago, and the theme still continues to engage him as an artist today.
The ikob exhibition focusses specifically on Fabre’s early development and his approach to his work as a young artist in the ’70s. With around 130 insect drawings, insect sculptures, a Spiders Heads Theatre and a tent featuring an insect laboratory, the ikob is presenting key works by the Antwerp artist. The eternal cycle of life, death and resurrection, the constant metamorphosis and the visualisation of invisible energies, define and unite the artist’s entire oeuvre. Already in his earliest works we discover his interest in the body and its movement, instinct and intuition.

“There is one constant in the work of the Antwerp artist, the drawing. Never and whatever discipline it addresses, it has never parted. It has a clear dual status; one hand they are the perfect reflection of Jan Fabre’s aesthetic, on the other they are fabulous idea tanks.” – La Libre Belgique