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The beauty of the beast

25.05.2017 – 15.10.2017

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Art history began with animals when over 30,000 years ago human beings painted them on the walls of caves. In the centuries that followed animal imagery was mainly symbolic in function and in the Middle Ages animals appeared in all sorts of pictures but since the 17th century they have taken on a really major rôle.

Animals, both real and fantastic, occupy an important place in art. For ‘The Beauty of the Beast’ the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp has selected work by artists of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. ‘The Beauty of the Beast’ combines and confronts Old Masters with dozens of contemporary artists.  

With works of art by: Johan Creten, Thierry Poncelet, Koen Wastijn, Caroline Coolen, Nicolaes Berchem, Wim Delvoye, Jan Stobbaerts, Charles Verlat, Koen Vanmechelen, Monogrammist VZ, Roelant Savery, Idiots, Frans Snijders, Mandy den Elzen, Alfred Verwee, Jean-Luc Cornec, Ruben Bellinkx, Melchior d'Hondecoeter, Jeroen Lemaître, Studio Darwin, Sinke & Van Tongeren, Velasco Vitali, Linda Molenaar, Henk van Rensbergen, Stief Desmet, Mieke Teirlinck, Pascal Bernier, Joseph Stevens, Kurt Selleslagh, De Wullekobbe ... & jij?, Mothmeister, Adrien Joseph Heymans, Johan Deschuymer, Jef Geys, Sarah Reynders, Bart Ramakers, Karin Borghouts, Camille Sturbelle, Charles van den Eycken, Patrick Van Caeckenbergh, Henriëtte Ronner-Knip, Ronny Paesbrugghe, Charles Tschaggeny, Gideon Kiefer, Atelier Les Deux Garçons, Stephan Vanfleteren, Erwin Peeters, Paul De Vos, Peggy Wauters, Balthasar Paul Ommeganck, Alet Pilon, André Plumot, Jockum Nordström, William Sweetlove, Mark Manders, Laura Ford, Willy Verginer, Philips Wouwerman, Jacob Jordaens, Jan Fabre, Frieke Janssens and Louis Robbe.



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