Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

One Way Ticket to Mars

21.09.2019 – 12.01.2020

Life on Mars according to artists, designers, architects and scientists

'Old spiritual traveller', 1979, sculpture, nails and thumbnails. © Angelos bvba, Photo: Attilio Maranzano


"One Way Ticket to Mars"  shows the visitors different aspects of the journey and stay on Mars. How stubborn are the conditions of the new planet to be discovered? Is living on Mars a frightening idea or, on the contrary, a provocative thought? From September 21, Kunsthal KAdE will be depicting a provisionally impossible journey. An exhibition in four story lines: the desire, the journey, the stay and homesickness. With new and existing works by artists, designers, architects and scientists from home and abroad. Science journalist Govert Schilling puts together a timeline for the exhibition with the most important highlights and unique objects from Mars' space history. He also shows the beauty of the planet with photos from NASA and ESA.


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