Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Nasi per l’Arte

25.03.2023 – 21.05.2023

Curators Joanna De Vos & Melania Rossi.

'I let myself drain (dwarf) (I)' (2007) | Photographer: Daniele Molajoli

Palazzo Merulana presents an exhibition dedicated to a life for art, born from the encounter between two independent curators, the Belgian Joanna De Vos and the Italian Melania Rossi.

The project is in harmony with the collection of the exhibition venue gathered over time by the Cerasis, without a specific common thread, but starting from the instinct and "flair" that feeds the love for this magnificent creative language.

Between analogies and differences, Nasi per l'arte compares art history in Belgium and Italy, both aesthetically and conceptually, and dialogues with Palazzo Merulana's eclectic permanent collection, which presents artists from the past, including less-known, and contemporary, more famous authors.

The exhibition follows two paths: the presentation in which Italian and Belgian art from the beginning of the 20th century meet. On display are pictorial and sculptural works from the 1920s to the 1940s, part of the permanent collection, and Belgian works from the same period, lent by some Belgian institutions and private collectors. The second part revolves around the artworks of eighteen contemporary artists, nine Belgian and nine Italian, who invite visitors to reflect on the senses and art, highlighting the nose as an organ or metaphor of life: a distinctive trait of character, beauty and personality, but also, through the sense of smell, a means that allows us to feel pleasure and danger, to relive memories.

Contemporay artists on display:
Francis Alÿs, Francesco Arena, Michaël Borremans, Maurizio Cattelan, Michael Dans, Laura de Coninck, Peter de Cupere, Jan Fabre, Mariana Ferratto, Thomas Lerooy, Emiliano Maggi, Sofie Muller, Luigi Ontani, Daniele Puppi, Anna Raimondo, Marta Roberti, Yves Velter, Serena Vestrucci.

Loans of works by Belgian artists from the early 20th century:
Jos Albert, Pierre-Louis Flouquet, Robert Giron, Oscar Jespers, Paul Joostens, René Magritte, George Minne, Constant Permeke, Léon Spilliaert, Marcel Stobbaerts, Henri Van Straten, Ferdinand Fernand Wery

In dialogue with artists from the permanent collection: Giacomo Balla, Duilio Cambellotti, Felice Casorati, Giorgio De Chirico, Antonio Donghi, Ercole Drei, Guglielmo Janni, Leoncillo Leonardi, Antonietta Raphael, Francesco Trombadori, Alberto Ziveri.