Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Kunstenfestival Watou 2015

04.07.2015 – 30.08.2015

© Angelos bvba - Lieven Herreman

For the 35th birthday of Art Festival Watou they want to treat their visitors to some time. With the subtitle ‘in the lee of the in-between’ as a common thread, this edition of Art Festival Watou will more than ever be a slow but enthralling experience. It is not evident to allow slowness into our flashy world full of multimedia. As the world breathes on sloppily and hastily, we hurry and rumble along: busybusybusy. No time for the in-between.

Jan Fabre presents in the house Lenoir some brainmodels. The findings of neurophysiologist, who discovered the mirror neurons, were the inspiration for these installations. In our brain there are mirror neurons who enable us to imitate each other and feel empathy. So, can we feel with our brain? And think with our heart? The brainmodels, life-size, are shown as monumental models. The brains are under construction, are being restored.




Wednesday – Sunday: 11 a.m.  – 7 p.m.





Watouplein 12
8978 Watou