Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

JAN FABRE. The Rhythm of the Brain

11.10.2019 – 09.02.2020

Curators Achille Bonito Oliva & Melania Rossi

De Blikopener, 2017, sculptuur, bronze, 108 x 45 x 30 cm, © Angelos bvba, photo by Gaétan Francken


The Rhythm of the Brain is a visual tour of the versatile and visionary art production of Jan Fabre. Produced by the Fondazione Elena e Claudio Cerasi and CoopCulture for Palazzo Merulana, in collaboration with Galleria Magazzino. The exhibition showcases some never before seen sculptures made specifically for this space, in dialogue with the artworks of the Roman school from the Cerasi collection. Completing the show dedicated to the Flemish artist are works never before exhibited in Italy, in addition to drawings and a movie performance realized with the italian neuroscientist Giacomo Rizzolatti. 


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