Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Folklore Sexuel Belge (2017-2018) Mer du Nord Sexuelle Belge (2018) Édité et Offert Par Jan Fabre, Le Bon Artiste Belge

17.05.2018 – 21.07.2018

© Angelos bvba / Photo: Pat Verbruggen

For the opening of its new Parisian addition, Galerie Templon offers Carte Blanche to the artist Jan Fabre. True to its commitment to its artists, the gallery is inaugurating a new chapter in its history by giving this great multi-disciplinary creator complete curatorial freedom for the new space. Jan Fabre will be creating a unique body of work exploring his views of the complex and singular Belgian identity. The exhibition brings together a variety of media - drawings, sculptures – conceived especially for Templon’s new location 250 m2exhibition space.

Sexual Belgian Folklore and Sexual Belgian North Sea are two parts of Jan Fabre’s new show, conceived as a critical, humorous and loving tribute to his native country, known for its surreal approach to life. The two multimedia series explores the complex Belgian identity taking the viewers through a lively and crazy journey through its cultural heritage, exploring how the spheres of festivals, religion, sex and art, overlap and feed into each other.

Around 50 drawings will dialogue with sculptures – some of them monumental - made from former church and vernacular objects found in attic sales.The colours and symbolism range from the subtle and serious as found in church art, all the way to the outlandish and garish, as can be seen in Belgium’s carnival and theatre traditions, something Jan Fabre is close to thanks to his career as stage director. His recently unveiled stage work, ‘Belgian Rules / Belgium Rules’ (2017), also dissects his nationality in order to analyse how it could ‘connect rather than divide’, far from any arrogant or nationalist connotations.


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