Troubleyn | Jan Fabre

Collector's Room #7

10.09.2014 – 19.10.2014

© Angelos bvba - Lieven Herreman

Celebration in the Collector’s Room: the ‘Collector’s Room # 7: 35th Anniversary Edition’ presents, in two consecutive parts, a selection of key works from our collection.

A gallery with a history of 35 years has obviously been through a lot, yet has also helped achieve a lot. Deweer Gallery, whose policy it has always been not to sell a number of important works right away, is no exception in this respect. On the occasion of our anniversary, we present to you, in two consecutive exhibitions, a number of those key works by Stephan Balkenhol, Sergey Bratkov, Johannes Brus, Tony Cragg, Enzo Cucchi, Jan De Cock, Wim Delvoye, Jan Fabre, Günther Förg, Ilya & Emilia Kabakov, Matthieu Laurette, Enrique Marty, Gerhard Merz, Aernout Mik, Josef Felix Müller, Panamarenko and Bernhard Prinz. Every single one of them has been of pivotal importance to both our collaboration with our artists and the development of their oeuvre. Some of them have in the meantime even found their place in the history of contemporary art.


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